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Facing Underage DUI Charges?

Obtain a Seasoned Honolulu DUI Attorney

In Hawaii the legal drinking age is 21. So when an underage driver has a blood alcohol content (BAC) level over 0.02%, they could be facing DUI charges. In the midst of underage DUI charges, harsh penalties may be looming in your future, which is why it is imperative to take legal action immediately. If you or your loved one have been charged with underage DUI, consult with an experienced Honolulu DUI attorney right away.

At The Law Offices of Kevin O’Grady, LLC, I have 19 years of legal experience and have handled numerous DUI cases. As a former law enforcement officer and military prosecutor, I have a firm understanding of the justice system and can provide well-versed insight and strategic guidance for my clients. When you obtain my legal services, you can expect hard-hitting representation from start to finish, ensuring you obtain the best legal results possible.

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Tough Penalties for Underage DUI Charges in Hawaii

The penalties for underage drinking and driving can be harsh and unforgiving. I can thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your charges to ensure your rights were protected. I can see if police officers had reasonable suspicion to pull you over, make sure police followed proper protocol, and look to see if any contributing factors caused inaccuracy in your chemical test.

If convicted, underage DUI charges in Hawaii can result in the following penalties:

  • Up to 36 hours of community service
  • Fines between $150 to $500
  • License suspension up to 180 days

Penalties increase if you have prior DUI convictions.

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At The Law Offices of Kevin O’Grady, LLC, I work closely with my clients, offering personalized guidance crafted to their current situation. When you are slammed with underage DUI charges, I understand the amount of pressure you may be feeling from the justice system. That is why I am committed to providing in-depth legal advocacy, aiming to have your charges reduced or dropped.

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